Notable Cases

Notable Case Results

Our client IDG was charged in Placer County with three very serious charges that would have led to his deportation and inadmissibility to return to the U.S. After a thorough investigation was completed, we filed a motion requesting the diversion. The court granted the motion and now the client’s case will ultimately be dismissed!

AMAZING VICTORY in Nevada County!! Our client, Mr. M was facing life without the possibility of parole, when we first began our representation. After an exhaustive trial, Mr. M was acquitted of first degree murder, second degree murder and voluntary manslaughter!! It was a long, hard battle, but worth every moment!

Our client R.R. was facing 24 years in prison, and life time sex registration based upon nine counts of Penal Code section 288(a). The situation that resulted in the charges involved extensive investigation and aggressive litigation, we were able to obtain a complete dismissal of all charges. This was an excellent result for a very happy client.

Our client, S.L., was charged with four felonies, including multiple charges of transportation of drugs for sale and possession of drugs for sale. In addition, this client was on probation and had a trailing traffic matter. After months of litigation, we were able to resolve the matter for a simple possession, with only one year of probation, and a concurrent sentence on probation. All of the felonies were dismissed, along with the traffic matter. It is an excellent outcome for a very happy client.

Our client, A.S. was charged with felony violation of Penal Code section 405A (lynching) and misdemeanor violation of Penal Code section 148 (resisting arrest). These charges stemmed from law enforcement being called out to the client’s home for a noise violation. Our client was holding a birthday party for her 1 year old daughter, when a neighbor complained about the noise. Law enforcement arrived and attempted to illegally arrest occupants of the home. After a thorough investigation of the officers, we uncovered a history of abuse and fabrication. The end result: a complete dismissal of all charges!

Our client, Mr. A, is from another country. His comprehension of English is very poor. He was working as an Uber driver when he met a woman and her friend at a local bar. The women were very drunk and he offered to give them a ride home when they could not find an Uber. He was charged with attempted rape and kidnap for purposes of rape, based upon the Sacramento crime lab submitting a false positive test. Throughout the case, the lab insisted that a single spermatozoon was found on the complaining witnesses underwear. This spermatozoon was NOT matched to Mr. A. During the trial, it was discovered that the lab technician had made a mistake, and that there was no evidence whatsoever of spermatozoa. After a difficult and long trial, 11 members of the jury voted to acquit Mr. A. The court declared a mistrial and the district attorney ultimately decided to dismiss the case.

Our client, Dr. A, was charged with 12 counts of prescribing without a medical purpose under Health and Safety Code section 11153 and 3 counts of medical fraud, under Welfare and Institutions Code section 14107. This client was facing the loss of his medical license and over 10 years in prison. The case was based upon an undercover operation by law enforcement, in which the officers attempted to cajole Dr. A into prescribing medication. After a month long trial, Dr. A was acquitted of all 12 charges.

Our client, M.R., was charged with 7 counts of attempted murder with gang enhancements. The client was facing 7 life terms in prison, based upon the actions of another person. M.R. had been at a gas station with some friends, when his friend became engaged in an argument with another person, ultimately shooting at 7 people. M.R. had no record, did not have a weapon and did not know his friend had a gun. The jury acquitted M.R. after a long, contentious trial.

Our client, R.L., was charged with attempted murder with gang enhancements of 3 people. This case involved an identification of the client that was incorrect. After a long, hard fight, in which we proved another person did the shooting, the jury acquitted R.L. quickly and without hesitation.