White Collar Defense

What Is A White Collar Crime?

The term “white collar crime” may apply to a wide variety of offenses. They often involve some element of fraud or deception for monetary gain. The people accused of these crimes usually work for a company involved, or target companies, hence the term “white collar.” In some cases, however, the term has been stretched to cover other offenses, like identity theft or tax fraud, that have nothing to do with a company or its employees.

If you face white collar charges, you need an attorney who understands the complicated and nuanced details that the charges entail. At the Law Office of Kelly Babineau, attorney Kelly Lynn Babineau has over 22 years of experience as a criminal defense attorney throughout California and has successfully defended countless professionals and public figures against white collar charges.

Know Where You Stand

Although white collar crimes do span a range of offenses, many of them result in felonies or federal charges. You need an aggressive defense when you face these types of charges. They can have a lasting impact on your life. Examples of white collar offenses include:

  • Securities and Exchange Commission violations such as insider trading, including investigations and enforcement inquiries
  • Tax evasion and tax fraud charges
  • Internal corporate investigations
  • Embezzlement and other theft or fraud charges
  • Offering or accepting bribes
  • Labor racketeering

Attorney Babineau will represent you at every stage of your proceedings, from grand jury investigations to criminal appeals. She is a talented negotiator, as well as a formidable trial lawyer. No matter how complex your situation, she has the experience and skill to assist you.

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