Federal Practice

An Experienced Advocate For Your Criminal Federal Defense Needs

Kelly Babineau is an experienced, federal attorney who defends business executives, public officials and everyday people in sensitive legal matters throughout California. With years of experience in federal criminal practice – from representing witnesses before the grand jury to defending targets in financial investigations – she offers experience and discretion in handling the most challenging proceedings. Ms. Babineau has assisted clients in avoiding indictment, investigating and defending their case through resolution and trial.

Exceptional White Collar Criminal Defense

Ms. Babineau proactively represents clients at all stages of a white collar case, covering the complete range of federal offenses. Her practice includes corporate and company internal investigations, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) enforcement inquiries, pre-indictment government investigations (including federal grand jury investigations, federal grand jury appearances and federal grand jury subpoena responses), federal white collar jury trials, federal sentencing hearings, criminal appeals, and negotiation of immunity and plea agreements.

A Defense That You Can Depend On

Ms. Babineau also represents clients at all stages of other types of federal criminal charges, including pre-filing, indictment, early settlement, trial and appeal. If you are dealing with the federal court system or federal law enforcement, you will need an experienced, aggressive attorney to ensure you receive the lowest possible sentence and earliest possible release. Kelly Babineau is ready to protect your rights and help you obtain the best possible result for your case.

A Trial Lawyer Who Is Prepared For Anything

Ms. Babineau thoroughly prepares every case for trial, no matter the outcome. This gives her the opportunity to do everything she can to build the best possible defense for your case. You deserve to have the peace of mind knowing your attorney is as vested in your best interests as you are. Whether your case is going to trial or not, you will be prepared.

Do Not Wait Another Day To Defend Yourself

When your liberty is on the line, contact the experienced criminal defense attorney at the Law Office of Kelly Babineau. Call their Sacramento office at 916-407-3360 or contact the law firm online for your free initial consultation.