Criminal Defense

Experienced Legal Help When Your Future Is On The Line

From misdemeanors to felonies, criminal charges are nothing to underestimate. The consequences of a conviction can last a lifetime, and threaten your future and reputation. When years behind bars and considerable fines are threatening you, you need nothing less than a strong defense from an experienced attorney.

You have the opportunity to choose an attorney with more than 22 years of experience in representing clients who needed her most. Attorney Babineau of the Law Office of Kelly Babineau has an exceptional practice that has earned her recognition for the past several consecutive years as Best of the Bar and Super Lawyers. She is dedicated and prepared to put this experience to work for you from her office in Sacramento.

Facing The Most Difficult Cases

If you face complex criminal charges, you need a dedicated advocate. A strong lawyer is made up of the sum of their skills, and attorney Babineau has a compelling list of skills to offer. Her meticulous focus and thorough investigation over all the details of your unique case will result in gaining every advantage with your defense. She also employs a private investigator to assist in gathering what you need to win your case. She has extensive experience working with white collar criminal defense, which includes practicing in the federal court system.

With more than 22 years of experience on her side, Ms. Babineau has honed her skills as a criminal defense attorney and has developed skills as a fierce negotiator and litigator for her clients. She is not one to be intimidated by large firms or complicated cases, and is eager to get to work to benefit her clients in cases involving professional license defense, white collar defense and even juvenile court.

Take The First Step To Securing Your Tomorrow

If you have been arrested, have received criminal charges or even suspect that you are about to, now is always the best time to contact an attorney. The sooner you can reach out to the Law Office of Kelly Babineau, the better the outcome of your case can be.

Call the firm at 916-407-3360 or email them here. Schedule your free initial consultation to discuss just how they can help you win your case.