What distinguishes a white collar crime from other types of criminal activity?

What distinguishes a white collar crime from other types of criminal activity?

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White-collar crimes are rather unique. They have some specific characteristics that distinguish them from other criminal acts.

The FBI explains these crimes occur at a high level and require a lot of secrecy and underhanded activity. There are three main points to look at when it comes to white-collar crimes.


White-collar crimes generally involve money and the abuse or stealing of it. Often, the person perpetrating the crime is someone in a position of trust who misuses his or her power to steal money. But that is not always the case. Sometimes, the crimes involve scams or schemes to steal money from unsuspecting victims.


White-collar crimes do not specifically involve violence. But they may associate with violent crimes. It is not uncommon for the people perpetrating a white-collar crime to have ties to violent acts. But the actually white collar act is not violent.


Since violence is not a part of white-collar criminal activity, the victims do not suffer physically. The harm may not even impact one specific person. Often, these crimes have an overall impact on a company, group or society.


The people who pull off white-collar crimes are generally from the upper middle to higher class. They are not what people would generally think of as a criminal. They may have good jobs and even be prominent members of society.

White-collar crimes are a different breed of criminal activity. They do not have the stereotypical characteristics people may expect. But regardless, they still cause harm to others.