How can you tell if you have a substance abuse disorder?

How can you tell if you have a substance abuse disorder?

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Purchasing, possessing or selling illicit substances does violate federal laws. Often, those who face criminal drug charges have substance abuse disorders. According to Mayo Clinic, a substance disorder may start as experimental use of recreational drugs and turn into an addiction.

If you have substance use disorder, there is a high probability that you will put yourself at risk to illicit drugs.

What are the signs of substance abuse disorder?

Those with a family history of addiction and mental illness have a higher chance of developing an addiction. If you begin to use the drug regularly, every day or several times a day, you may have signs of a substance abuse disorder. When you become addicted to a substance, you need more of it to have the same effect it did before. You may catch yourself seeking it out when you cannot afford it or engaging in criminal activity for it.

What can you do if you have substance abuse disorder?

You can treat substance abuse disorder with the right amount of help. Often, those who have an addiction require the help of doctors, support groups, friends and family. In some cases, you may need an organized treatment program to fight the addiction. Unfortunately, those who suffer from addiction have a higher likelihood of relapsing. Following a treatment plan may require you to follow it long-term to avoid cravings.

To avoid drug-seeking behavior, you must take yourself out of high-risk situations. For example, if you have friends who still indulge in criminal behavior or if you can easily access drugs in your neighborhood, you need to take yourself out of the equation.