What is a notice of appeal?

What is a notice of appeal?

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When you wish to appeal your conviction for committing a federal crime in California, you will first file a notice of appeal. This legal document discloses your intention to appeal.

Often brief, your notice should contain a description of your objective in succinct phrases. Once the court receives your correspondence, they will make a decision regarding your next steps.

The value of time

Time is extremely valuable in regard to filing a notice of appeal. In many cases, you have only a window of time during which you can submit your request. The courts should readily notify you of this period of time so you can prepare a decision. Refrain from procrastinating a decision because you will need every minute to assess your situation and determine if an appeal is in your best interests.

Equally as important, take your time to articulate the content you choose to include on your notice. Once you have made up your mind, consult with an attorney to determine how to best present your intentions. With the guidance of a legal professional, you may feel more confident about your outcome.

The need for experience

Once you submit your notice of approval, you will await correspondence from the courts. Some courts will only hear written arguments. However, according to the United States Courts, many cases receive approval for verbal arguments as well. Regardless of a written or verbal argument, you will want to polish your presentation. An attorney can help you organize the facts of your case and potentially highlight discrepancies in the court’s actions during the trial that may have impacted your outcome.

Upon completion of the appeal process, the courts will determine whether to modify or remove any of the convictions against you. Most often, the outcome of an appeal stands as the final decision.