Why does white-collar crime happen?

Why does white-collar crime happen?

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Even though you may face charges of white-collar crime in California, you may not be the only person to blame. If your employer neglects to enforce compliance or encourages unorthodox methods to accomplish objectives, you may feel as though your behavior was nothing out of the ordinary.

Unclear expectations on behalf of your employer can cause confusion and create opportunities for unethical conduct.

Lack of transparency

If your employer never required you to issue reports or discuss your work, you may have had little incentive to do things honestly 100% of the time. Contrarily, transparency in the workplace can encourage compliance and prevent opportunities for you to act unethically.

White-collar crimes often span more than one department. In fact, if your involvement was minor compared to that of other employees, everyone should share responsibility for the outcome. Your ability to document your actions, as well as their impact on others may help you to show that you are not solely to blame.

Unhealthy competition

Your employer should encourage you to achieve incentives in ways that are both productive and ethical. However, if your employer supports unhealthy, unfair or illegal competition to drive profits, they may be just as much at fault as you. According to the Graduate School of Business at Stanford, threats of prison time are an effective method for deterring white-collar crime. If your employer can show the consequences of non-compliant behavior, you may feel less inclined to do something illegal.

Working with a trusted attorney can help you create a case that accurately describes your involvement. With the right strategy, you can protect your rights and possibly reduce the damage to your reputation and career.