Police Arrest San Francisco Public Defender For Protecting Her Client’s Rights.

Police Arrest San Francisco Public Defender For Protecting Her Client’s Rights.

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Lately, the examples of police over reach have been abundant, from Ferguson to Arizona to Ohio.  I feel as though every time I sit down to read the newspaper, I am reading of some new example of police brutality or citizen being unlawfully arrested.  (NYPD Twitter campaign implodes, flooded with photos of police abuse)

Although I have met and worked with many good, decent, ethical law enforcement officers, I have also seen many individuals who have over-reacted or misused their power.  And yet today – we have yet another example.  SF Public Defender Jami Tillotson was arrested today when she dared to interfere with a detective who was attempting to take her client’s photo.  In this YouTube clip, you can see that Ms. Tillotson’s client was standing in a public space, NOT DETAINED OR UNDER ARREST.  And yet, when Ms. Tilloston dared to tell the officer, “No, you may not take his picture,” the officer promptly arrested her for resisting arrest.  Absolutely ridiculous.  You can see the You Tube clip here:  Jami Tilloston arrested


Now, of course, this is not even close to the abuse of power we have witnessed in Ferguson, Arizona or Ohio, in which unarmed black men have been killed by law enforcement.  Nor, is it as disgusting as the case of Eric McDonald – who spent just shy of nine years in federal prison – and was recently released – because the FBI hid exculpatory evidence.  (You can read more about Mr. McDonald here.)

I suppose the old axiom that “absolute power corrupts absolutely” is still true.  But, we as a society can strive for better.  We can insist that our law enforcement not only impose rules on us BUT follow the same rules (aka LAWS).  We have rules for the betterment of society – but that only occurs when the rules are applied evenly to everyone – including our government and their law enforcement agents